Monday, 15 April 2013

Five Step Guide To Professional Precision With A 3D Project

The credibility of an animation artist is determined by the quality of his work. Therefore, if you are novice in the world of CG and wish to make your career promising then your projects must always be flawless. Whether it is an alien or a simple human face, the quality of your work is judged by the intensity of realistic appeal it has. There are some simple tips that can be followed to boost your skills in 3D modeling.

1. Know the anatomy

You cannot attain precision in your work unless you know how the 3D character will look like. This refers to the total anatomy of the character. You need to know the accurate measurements of each part of its body. You can follow two measures to know it; one is to get hold of a reference picture and the other is to draw the character you have inside your head.

2. Work on subdivision modeling

Subdivision modeling is the recommended technical method for all, irrespective of whether you are an expert or a novice. When you have a mesh sheath over your 3D model, you will find it easier to change its shape and size. The number of polygons that you get from such subdivision modeling will help you to sculpt the muscles, bumps and dents that characterize your typical computer generated model.

3. Concentrate upon quads and forget 'ngon'

A most convenient tip to follow in subdivision modeling is to concentrate on the quads. If you are finding it difficult to identify quads in the mesh-like structure on your 3D character, we have a handy tip for you. Investigate the entire structure and find out the polygons that have almost equal dimensions in all the four sides. These are quads! Ngons, on the other hand, have more than four sides. It will be much easier to subdivide these polygons and work on them in comparison to the 'ngon' polygons.

4. Learn the techniques of edge modeling

Together with achieving expertise with quads, you need to develop your skills in edge modeling too. This is equally simple technique of 3D modeling. The only difference of this technique is that you will find a point-to-point guiding mesh over your 3D character. You need to weld points, add points and extrude some points. In nutshell, you need to manipulate the points to that extent at which your CG model looks perfect.

5. Prioritize upon repeated previews

Never treat a project as final unless you have satisfied yourself with a number of trial previews. Now, this is a challenging situation for some multimedia artists as rendering is a time consuming affair! When your system takes hours to complete one render successfully, trying to render a project repeatedly will appear next to impossible. But in order to achieve precision in the final output you can always take the help of cloud computing systems where unlimited renderings get executed in shortest possible time.

Rendering service providers offer the opportunity of unlimited renderings before a 3D artist convinces himself with the best preview. But this facility cannot be enjoyed in a single computer where memory space and CPU capacity will emerge as major hurdles.

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