Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How To Create The Perfect External Night Scene

Creating the perfect night scene in a CG project is a headache. Even the most proficient multimedia artists spend sleepless nights while trying to create the most realistic night scene. Therefore, it is quite assumable that amateur graphic artists will dare not give it a try! But the truth is that it is not that difficult as it sounds. You can create the perfect night scene when you have some expert tips handy. Check out what are they.

Keep a reference handy

You should always have a reference file while working on a project as this is the most important thing that you should never forget. Never trust your conceptions only while making a faultless night scene. Since a night scene involves careful mixture of lighting, shade and shadow effects so your project will suffer if you do not have a reference in front of your eyes.

Set a background

If your 3D software has the option of uploading a JPG image file then try to set a background environment for your 3D project. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you would know that we often associate night with the dark blue color. Thus, create a simple JPG file that has this distinctive dark blue color and nothing else. Now upload this and set it as your default background of all night sequences. This color will invite a blue illumination into your project and make your work easier.

Concentrate on auto exposure

This option of your software works just like a camera. It adjusts itself automatically with the intensity of light and shadow effect that you incorporate in the scene! Although this is a handy option, it can slow down your system when you render the file! Therefore, a tip here is that you must always turn off auto exposure for the time being every time you do a test preview your project.

Understanding lighting and exposure

The perfect balance between lighting and exposure of the selected regions in your CG project can create the most accurate night sequence. There isn't any quick tip about this and it is your conception that needs to be used. However, one thing that you can keep in mind is that the intensity of light should not be too high. The same rule is applicable for exposure too. This is because in practical life too outdoor night scene is always darker and less illuminated.

Adjust brightness and contrast

Now you should concentrate upon brightness and contrast and adjust them as per the need of your computer graphics project. When you have followed all the parameters correctly, the last task that remains is rendering the scene. In case you find that your computer is taking a long time to render the scene, you can buy Render online and search for similar user friendly options to complete your project within deadline!

Being fast and perfect are the demands of the multimedia industry. Graphics artists can buy Render online to ease their task.

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