Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Notable Improvements In The World Of CG

The world of computer graphics is evolving every day. Rather, it is better to remark that new technologies in CG are making it easier for the professional multimedia artists to fine tune their work. It is assumed that the resultant will be more realistic creations that will leave very thin line of demarcation between the actual world and animated world. Now here are some examples of innovations in computer graphics. These will surely be highly preferred by professionals.

Complex movement of characters

Creating conventional movements of CG characters is far easier than the highly complex and rare movements. But the world of CG is not limited to everything that is ordinary. Here imagination runs wildly and impossible dreams seem to become achievable! Thus, creating complex movements for animated characters is not a problem now. Contact invariant optimization has been introduced in the CG world lately, and graphic artists can now make their CG characters move in the queerest of manner!

Uniform texturing of images

Texturing is a complex issue in the multimedia industry. The expertise of a graphic artist gets recognized by the precision with which he blends different images and layers together. While a novice would always leave behind uneven areas and patches, an expert CG artist will generate picture perfect results by using software like 3d render farm. But if a project requires texturing of inconsistent images, it becomes a challenge for even the most skilled multimedia artist. Thanks to the new improvements in CG. Now texturing and blending of inconsistent images can be done smoothly by incorporating the technique of image melding. The technique is primarily based upon technique of patch-based synthesis.

Smokes are generated by CG

A couple of years back, creating smoke was a headache. Generating smoke through computer graphics was an improbable idea. But it was an integral part of the ambience of many documentary films and movies. Therefore, the only alternative was to create real smoke! However, the newest improvisation in the world of CG is that advanced smoke simulation enables multimedia professionals create computer generated smoke much easily. Even exciting is that the Lagrangian vortex sheets in multimedia software helps in creating animated fluids too besides smoke! CG bubbles resemble the real froth A cup of piping hot coffee or a refreshing hot tea will never look perfect unless we see the bubbles on the top layer of the hot liquid. Although this is a common visual treat for a real cup of hot drink, creating animated bubbles is extremely difficult. At least this was what the graphic artists felt a few years back. But now the most pleasurable thing in the world of CG is that animated bubbles do not look artificial anymore! Hence, advertisements of coffee and tea brands will get a better appeal with the incorporation of animated bubbles now.

Dave Seen has been working for Fox Render Farm for sometimes now. He regularly publishes articles on computer software, CG and skilled tips for multimedia professionals.

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