Monday, 4 March 2013

Top Anime Characters That Are World Famous

Anime movies are rocking the world. Lots of anime television series have made their way to the West. But do you know that some of the anime characters have also become world famous too? If it is time to get surprised, hold on and take a look at the list we have presented here. Try to find if it contains your favorite anime character as well.
•    L
As soon as we remark 'L' you will be able to understand what we are talking about. Yes, it is the anime series 'Death Note' which introduces detective L to the world. This black haired anime character is popular among all for his meticulousness and sneakiness. The twist in the tale is his mask of childlike attitude and innocence which hide his sharpness and investigative skills wisely. But what will amuse you is his sheer love for sweets, and you can often find him gorging cakes! He is there in the anime as well as Manga series of 'Death Note'. The Japanese voice of L is that of Kappei Yamaguchi while the voice over for the English version is that of Alessandro Juliani.
•    Edward Elric
The favorite brother among the two in 'Fullmetal Alchemist', Edward Elric has been presented as the most gifted alchemist in the globe! This blond haired brother is the hot favorite of anime lovers across the world. The plus points of Edward's character are his mental firmness, capability to fight odds and strength to endure pain. Similarly, uncompromising love and loyalty for those he loves, child-like innocence and crisp sense of humors are among the other qualities that make Edward the favorite. Actually, the juxtaposition of softness and roughness make him a well loved character. He is there in both anime as well as Manga version. English voice over for Edward has been done by Vic Mignogna while the Japanese voice is that of Romi Park.
•    Lelouch Lamperouge
This black haired male character comes third on our list. But this is not the level of his popularity though. The protagonist of 'Lelouch of the rebellion', Lelouch is marked for his single-mindedness and determination. His only craving is to take revenge on the Empire of Brittania, and he would not tolerate any opposing force in his path of aspiration! So, his attachment with people around him is only restricted to anything that helps him accomplish his desire! However, the only persons who are closest to Lelouch are his younger sister Nunnally and his best friend Suzaku. Another interested aspect of this character is the 'Geass' in his left eye. This has been installed by C.C. It helps Lelouch to control and instruct a target to perform any action he desires, which is irrespective of its outcome. While the English voice of Lelouch is that of Johnny Yong Bosch, the Japanese voice belongs to Jun Fukuyama.
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