Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Top 5 Anime Characters of All Time!

Japanese animation is not a new phenomenon; it has been around for a really long time. People in the United States have not been aware of these animations other than the very popular shows like Speed Racer and G-Force. Nevertheless, the first Japanese TV animation was launched in black and white almost 50 years ago. Since then, animation has been taken in a myriad of directions by the Japanese as opposed to any other culture that exists and they have used various tools and techniques, such as remote render service, etc. Even Americans cannot compete with the wide range of classic characters that the Japanese have introduced in animated form.

Numerous shows have been aired for decades that have different anime characters and it can be difficult to decide which character is the best. However, one way to select the best characters is to judge their specific genre at the time of their release, the quality and the depth of the characters, the impact they had on the particular medium and the feedback of people. Here are some of the best anime characters that were selected according to the criteria mentioned above:

Himura Kenshin: This character appeared in 1996 in the first episode of Rurouni Kenshin. The title of the episode was 'The Handsome Swordsman of Legend'. He represents the classic anime to perfection. This character was extremely decent and peace loving, but he is also a killing machine. Suspense was created in every episode because he seems to have something hidden inside him and only extreme abuse brings that to light. His dual character was very interesting as he could be light and normal one minute and had the ability to become dark in the next.

Spike Spiegel: This character made an appearance in 1998 in 'Asteroid Blues', the first episode of Cowboy Bepop. It was fun to watch this fellow. He was very much like the modern heroes we see today; funny, flashy, tough and violent. The story of the show stems out from his past and even though everyone around him settles down and makes peace with the past; Spike is unable to let go.

Speed Racer: This character first came in 1967 in the first episode of Speed Racer. Japanese cartoons came to life because of the character 'Speed', who could talk as fast as he could drive. However, he was completely different from the comics and the American animation.

Astro Boy: First appearing in 1963 in The Birth of Astro Boy, he was different from the contemporary American reincarnation made characters. He is the first modern cartoon hero of Japan on TV and the printed page.

Goku: In 1986, this character appeared in Dragon Ball. He learns martial arts from God. He was able to beat the Almighty himself and blew the whole universe.

Over the years, we have seen some extremely interesting anime characters. In recent days, a lot of Japanese firms use cloud render service and other techniques to give the animations a superior touch.

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