Monday, 18 March 2013

Life Of PI: A Treat For Your Eyes And A Challenge For Your Mind

Ang Lee has done a wonderful adaptation of Yann Martels supposedly unfilmable novel. The story follows Pi as he and his zookeeper father leave for Canada from India. But the ship carrying his family and zoo animals is hit by a storm and sinks, taking with it several animals, crew and his family. Pi survives in a lifeboat, with his only company a ferocious tiger named Richard Parker. The movie paints a brilliant portrait of survival, at the same time raising questions about Gods nature and the storytellings power.

The brilliant visual effects of the movie have captivated thousands of audiences. From eight to eighty, everyone loves it, proving how popular and amazing the movie really is. At the start of the movie, the colorful scenes of the animals catch the eyes of audiences. Ranging from the talk besides the lake to the survival at sea, from the tiger to the fish underneath the sea, it is all well worth to watch the results of the time and energy put by the team for this movie.

The movie makes us comprehend the power of 3D technology and how the development of 3D technology makes rendering technology to be especially vital. To achieve the best rendering effects within a short span of time, studios producing movies, games, animations, architectural designs, etc. tend to use render farms. A render farm is a high performance computer system where a cluster of servers in the network are designed to work in unison to complete one or more rendering jobs. In a render farm, the vast amount of jobs are divided into several tasks and submitted to multiple servers for rendering. After the processing is done by hundreds of servers, data would be saved in a particular storage directory.

The inspiration behind cloud render technology was cloud computing, which is used to get access to data on PCs from remote locations. Recently, the render industry and the cloud industry started to work together to satiate the growing rendering needs of people. A cloud render service would permit you to access the rendering service from anywhere using the internet. The providers of the rendering service are making it feasible for users to utilize the 3D effects anywhere in real time and with an image processor independent of the users location. Advanced technology is used by the software for creating and rendering the images. This has been possible by the culmination of hybrid and rendering technologies which has given birth to many visual styles and effects.

Fox Render Farm is a well regarded render farm company. They have got several render nodes and online render could be submitted in the cloud. Their services have been endorsed by several CG production companies and you could get good service at a reasonable price.

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