Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Medical Animation Aids In Fighting Against Disease

Medical software has come of age. With a few touch gestures on an iPad, medical practitioners are able to delve into the anatomy of the human body and view intricate details of organs such as the heart or a cellular membrane. Graphic artists working at digital technology companies are creating informational and educational tools for the medical industry. The complexities of medical science for staff, medical students, patients and doctors have been simplified by the use of customized applications which are designed both for PCs and mobile devices.

The artists at digital technology companies combine movie animation skills and video game technology to create apps which take the viewer all the way from the human body to the cellular membrane. The apps come in various versions, for medical professionals and for patients. They also come in different languages. The biggest advantage of using these visual apps is that you do not need to read large chunks of words to comprehend the functioning of the human body. Such companies are trying to alter the dynamics of the medical conversation happening between doctors and pharmaceutical companies. This would impact the health of patients in a much more engaging and visual manner. By viewing three dimensional images, patients are able to better comprehend the diseases which they are suffering from. They are also able to better understand what is taking place inside their bodies. Previously, pamphlets were used to explain about diseases and conditions. These are not as effective and informative as using high resolution three dimensional images. The use of such technology is really empowering the end user. Some companies which make medical software also develop video games which teach the science behind the human body. Such games are effective, for instance, in dealing with kids with cancer. Kids who play such educational video games are better equipped to take medicine, more engaged towards the treatment and more empowered to fight against the disease. During the process of developing such software, graphic artists conduct extensive research about the subject and consult doctors to ensure accuracy of their work. Generally, a creative license is also taken since there could be new discoveries of information which are not presently known by medical science, for instance, the color of a cell membrane. The clients of such companies which make medical software are physicians, medical schools, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Such technology could also be used in other industries such as the automotive industry. For instance, a specialized holographic display could be designed for dealership showrooms to illustrate new car models.

Render farms are used in the process of building such software. A render farm is a high performance cluster of computers built to render computer-generated imagery for visual effects in movies and television. Fox Render Farm is a highly respected online render farm. They would provide you with a quality service at a reasonable price.

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