Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Technology For Animation Films

There is a lot of effort devoted by Hollywood to chase monsters through environments which are realistic-looking. A new technology has been developed at an Informatics Institute in Saarbrcken which vastly simplifies the production of similar scenes. The movements of actors are captured with some cameras in a real scene. Then, they are very realistically transferred to virtual characters. This would not only make the work of cartoon makers simple, but it would also assist sportsmen and doctors with motion analysis.

Whenever characters which are animated using computers, roam about through wild landscapes, there used to be real actors at work. A technique called motion capture is used by film studios wherein skin-tight suits are worn by actors with markers attached. These markers reflect beams of infrared light which are emitted and received by a system containing a special camera. In this way, the recording is done on the movements of the real actor and this is then transferred using animation software into a virtual character. However, the suits prove to be very uncomfortable to wear for the actors. Additionally, the markers keep interfering with their movements. For these reasons, researchers of Computer Graphics have developed a method which removes the need for markers and captures the movements realistically and quickly.

Such a method permits the filming of actors in their everyday clothes and without using any sophisticated cameras. A special computer then analyzes their movements. Then, this is transferred in a skeletons form to a virtual character. The computation of the movement happens so quickly that they can be transferred directly to the anime character with zilch time delay. The patented method has been refined further in the past months and can deal with scenes in which many participants are active simultaneously with overlapping body parts. The system would be able to identify the movements of a person even when they are covered by other objects. It would also detect cases where there are background disturbances. This would permit us to shoot visual effects away from the studio, for instance, in the open nature.

Another problem was solved by the computer scientists in the past couple of months. It used to be difficult for this software to be able to reconstruct bodily movements of actors with big pieces of clothing. Their novel computation method enables them to capture surfaces with such crystal claritythat folds of clothing could be reproduced realistically. This technology would also be useful in areas not pertaining to the gaming and the film industry. It could be used by athletes to analyze specific bodily movements without using markers. Doctors would be able to track and depict the amount of recovery after operations have been done on joints.

Render farms are utilized to construct such software. A rendering farm is a cluster of computers which offer superior performance for rendering imagery which is computer-generated. Cloud render service is generally not very expensive and could result in high profits for CG studios.

Fox Render Farm is a highly-regarded online render farm whose work carries the endorsement of several CG production studios.

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