Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to render faster with Blender

Your multimedia assignment never gets completed unless you render your file. But the saddest part of it is that you need to sit in front of your computer and wait for hours to render it, see the preview and get the final output. Unfortunately, neither can you save your valuable time from this hectic process nor can you avoid rendering. Thus, your problem remains as it is.
But you can cheer up now as there are some wise tips for Blender users that can help you in saving your rendering tip. Watch out!
•    Avoid ‘Ray Tracing’ when not needed
You will surely agree to the fact that all your multimedia projects do not demand theme lighting, shadow effects and reflections. So, why do you need to keep the ray tracing option of your software on every time? You will be shocked to know that this single feature can reduce your rendering time to more than ten times! Hence, turn off this option when you do not need it and see how fast your file gets rendered.
•    Keep away from ‘Ambient Occlusion’
Those who have been working in the multimedia industry for a long time will agree upon this that ambient occlusion helps in making your project look highly realistic. But do you think that it is absolutely necessary for each and every multimedia project that you do? Hopefully not! So, why do you need to turn this option on when it is not integral for any particular project? Remember the downside of ambient occlusion. It eats up your CPU speed and delays online rendering time. Therefore, keep away from it when you can and see how fast your rendering work gets executed.
•    Rely upon rendering services
If you have a number of multimedia files to render then a single computer will not be the accurate solution. You will never have the required memory to accommodate such heavy files in a single system. Moreover, the CPU speed will also be not up to the mark to execute such an enormous task. In such a situation the best thing to do is to opt for rendering services. The cluster of computers connected in a single system will give you the advantages of expanded memory and enhanced CPU speed. Thus, rendering will be at an alarmingly faster rate!
•    Keep ‘Simplify’ on
As the name suggests, this feature of Blender simplifies your entire process! When you turn this feature on, it automatically creates a parameter for shadow samples, ambiance effects, sub divisions, etc. So, the resultant will be faster generation of previews. However, a tip for here is that it is not for those projects which require lots of adjustments, repeated last minute edits and generation of numerous test previews before the final output. Otherwise, you can always keep ‘Simplify’ on and save your time.

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