Monday, 24 December 2012

Will Time Create Classic?

Van Gogh’s works are regarded as brilliant works after he died, time makes him a celebrity in the history of arts; the 80s pop song has become the classic in a generation’s memory as time passes by; Ang Lee spent four years to create The Life of Pi, which will be the classic of 3D production. Meanwhile, we should ask ourselves a question: will time create classic?

Are our audiences willing to wait if it takes such a long time to produce every movie? Will our clients allow it? No doubt that the answers to these questions are NO because Time Is Money for CG industry. As the public has a higher demand for entertainment, production studios greatly shorten the production time in order to gain a bigger profit, which let audiences down again and again. Yet the need for the market is still increasing. Audiences will keep going to cinema even though the movie’s not that good. Profit and quality are always the toughest choices for the production studios and producers.

Ang Lee chose quality. He spent four years to create such a masterpiece. Also everyone of the production team which is behind the scene has spent as long as Ang Lee in the great movie. It’s not only with great plots but also with amazing CG effects, which earns him lots of praises. Some studios produce lots of projects in a short time. Of course there are profits waiting for them, yet accompanying with risks.

That’s why we need render farm for CG industry, the “high performance computer system, e.g. a computer cluster”. It is a supercomputer which consists of CPU, Ethernet and OS. To solve the problems caused by area, render farm has upgrade to Cloud Render Farm, offering online render service. At render farm, you don’t need to set up your own render farm. By getting accessed to a remote render farm via Internet, you can render out your creative work before the deadline and within the budget.

By using render farm service, CG artists, studios or producers may achieve a balance between visual effects and time. Maybe in future, we can see more excellent works like The Life of Pi, without need to waiting for another four years.

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