Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Story Behind The Successful CG Rendering

Most of latest sci-fi and action films that you have enjoyed watching on cinema or television feature too many unimaginable and unbelievable scenes. Probably, you might have wondered how do they shoot such scenes? And your mind will be bombarded with lot of questions after watching the movie.

Most of the magnificent and unbelievable scenes that you watched in movies are created using Computer Graphics which is shortly called as CG. As the name says it all, CG is graphics that is generated using computer. The CG artist uses the computer and the software program to create such realistic CG scenes in the movies.

There is lots of hard work behind every successful Computer Graphic scenes. Directors and CG artists works together to have better and well coordinate CG visuals on the screen. The time taken for making CG depends on the size and complexity of the project. Although using CG in movies may take considerable amount of time, film makers still prefers using CG in the movies as it help them to have better visuals which are cannot be portrayed via normal shooting. For instance, all the mind-blowing scenes of Titanic film are created using none other than CG only. Almost all the scenes that involve sea, ship were shot simply inside a small room which was later converted as realistic scene with the help of computer graphics.

Now lets look into some of the technical aspects of CG. CG artist who are involved in making CG first create a model image that has to be portrayed in the movie. Then they convert it into scene file which is added in the final cut of the movie. Here, the process of converting image into scene file is called rendering.

Generally rendering is big task in terms of computing that it requires high-power processors and extremely big memory to process the rendering task. This is why most of the CG artist in past had trouble and difficulties in rendering CG. It took lot of time and even a day to render the CG. Therefore, rendering process alone consumed lots of time for making CG.

However, CG is rendered at faster rate thanks to render farms. Lets explain briefly about this render farm. To explain in simple language, each render farm is built by combining different computers which altogether act as a single entity (computer). As render farm has reduced the CG rendering time, it is used widely by almost all the CG studios.

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