Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Factors Than Influenced the Growth of CG Industry

Nowadays, Computer Graphics (CG) has become something unavoidable in almost all of the visual mediums. You could find CG work in websites, cinema, advertisement, brochures, etc. In fact, it is right to say that CG is present every place. The reason why CG is used extensively is that it is considered as great representation medium when compared to conventional art medium. There is a saying in past that picture can speak thousand words. But today, CG could help the art to speak ten thousand words much effectively. With help of advanced CG, it is possible to make the visual presentation highly effective.

Computer Graphics & Animation is helping many industries to grow better. For example, lets take the glamorous cinema industry. Computer Graphics helped the film directors to have better visuals in their movies. It allows film directors to have any sort of complex visuals in their films. For example, in the film Transformers, the mighty action of Transformer toys are possible just because of Computer Graphics & Animation only. If CG and animation technology were not there, it is impossible to make such movies Likewise, CG & animation took the cinema industry to next level and it is important reason which helped the film industry to earn more revenue.

Off late, producing CG and animation has become very easy and less time consuming. In those days, it took lots of human effort and time for making Computer Graphics. But today, CG and Animations are produced in massive numbers, in short span of time. There are two major reasons behind this phenomenon. One is CG software and another is render farm. Now lets analyze the each factor briefly.

CG software is nothing but software that aids CG artist to create models, special effects and virtual visual environment via CG. As such software contains tools, interfaces, pre-models, which allow the CG artist to develop CG much quicker than past. Nowadays, CGs in films is mostly made with the Maya software and 3ds Max software. Similarly, there are different kinds of software which are used for different sort of visual projects.

Render farm is one of the vital reasons which marked the development in CG industry. As rendering of CG is a complex task in terms of computing, CG artist usually found difficult to render the CG with ordinary computer. This made developing CG projects very time consuming. But render farm being a high performance computer, allowed the CG artist to render CG in lesser time that ever. Therefore, it helped the artist to render more CG projects in lesser time. For achieving the desired result, artist has to right type of render farm. For example, all those artists who are using blender software for CG projects should use blender render farm rather than going with render farm mac or other render farm.

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