Friday, 28 December 2012

Study the Prospects of Render Farm from 3D Work The Life of Pi

The exquisite visual effects of The Life of Pi have amazed thousands of audiences. From the eight to the eighty, everyone loves it, which just proves how amazing and popular the movie is. The start of the movie, colorful and HD scenes of animals catches the eyes of audiences. From the talk beside the lake to the survival in the sea; from the tiger Richard Parker to the fish under the sea, it is all worthy no matter how much time and energy the team put in this movie.

The Life of Pi lets us understand how powerful 3D technology is and the development of 3D technology makes rendering technology be especially important. Even a director like Ang Lee who takes the art of a movie as the most important element will fight hard to get the movie done ASAP. To achieve the best render effects in limited time, studios which produce not only movies, but also animations, games, architectural designing etc. tend to use render farm gradually. Render farm has become a trend in recent years and actually it is more efficient when comparing to general PC.
The so-called Render Farm essentially is “a high performance computer system”, which means a cluster of multi servers in the network working together to finish one or more than one render job. It is also called render cluster. Render farm is able to divide vast amount of render jobs into several tasks and submit them to other servers for rendering. After finishing calculation by hundreds of servers, data will be saved to a specified storage directory.
Human society is always developing and progressing. For the development of CG industry, the existence of render farm service is one of the advanced products. People keep pursuing high efficiency, which is also very important for the whole CG industry. The completion time and effects of one project always affect the credit of a production company. Seeking render farm service does not mean the production company being incapable or lazy. On the contrary, using render farm will save lots of time for it to stay focus on the stage of fine production. Not only it improves render effects but also raises the whole production level of the work.
We should thank Ang Lee for bringing us such a beautiful movie feast, meanwhile we should give a salute to those amazing CG artists. They create an unbelievable word for us in CG movies for us by using their brilliant techniques, bringing us surprises and brand new experience. Without the CG production team behind the curtain, we would never be able to enjoy such a great movie!

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