Monday, 3 December 2012

Reasons For Development of CG Industry

The usage of Computer Graphics & Animations has become an inevitable thing for many industries and business. Cinema industry has become one of the industries that are being using the CG & animation extensively. Many films are made solely using CG and animation only. Animation films such as Ice Age, Lion King are some of the classic example for the animation movies. Whereas the films such Titanic, Narnia, The Mask, Avatar are classic examples of Computer Graphics. In fact, most of the films attained big success due to the advanced CG work. Today, almost all the movie directors utilize the CG/animation in their films.

As said earlier, CG is used by many industries and not just alone in cinema industry. CG is also used widely in real estate industry. Do you know that modern building architects are using CG architectural rendering to view the prospective building design and architecture? Moreover, the Computer rendering is also used by the real estate agents to promote their prospective real estate projects to their potential clients effectively. Nowadays, CG has also become an inevitable element for real estate business too.

The development of Computer Graphics has been tremendous and remarkable in past two decades. There are many factors that attributed to the development of CG industry. Introduction of CG software is one of the prime reasons. These software made developing CG very easy and quick. Initially CG artist took lot of time to develop CG models. They developed the CG model from the scratch. But CG software reduced the burden into half as it had lot of tools and pre-model from which the new CG model could be developed.

Nowadays, most of the CG artists involved in films make use of the CG software for making special effects and graphic work in their movies. Many unbelievable and unimaginable scenes are made as visuals with the help of CG. Today, CG has become Unique Selling Point (USP) for most of the modern movies.

Another reason behind the development of CG is the render farm. Ability of render farm computer to process of high complex computing task allowed the CG artist to render the CG is less time than before. Nowadays, you could see all the CG studios having render farm for excellent CG rendering.

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