Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Most Popular Animation Techniques

When animation films first became popular in the 20th century, traditional animation was used to make the images move. Professional artists were hired, who provided several hand-drawn images. These were then arranged in a sequence and moved in a way that gave an illusory impression. While this initial technique was very clever and successful, it required a lot of time and hard work. It was used for a long time in animated films and cartoons. With the popularity of this segment of the film industry, however, newer techniques came into being. The purpose of these was to make the image generation process easier and quicker. Today, there are several modern ways to generate images easily. Here are some animation techniques that are most commonly used.

Stop-motion movement - This was the first technique that became popular after traditional animation. It was defined by the same process, except that the pictures being used were photographed instead of hand-drawn. The type of subjects being photographed may vary according to the need of the animation film being produced. For example, real life objects may be photographed. In children's movies, puppets may also be used in a prepared environment. These puppets can be photographed using the stop - motion technique. Similarly, clay figures may also be used.

Computer animation - Today, this is the most popular way of generating images. This is because it is extremely fast and advanced. It involves using computer programs to draw images, which can then be arranged in order to create a film. Many computer applications, like PowerPoint and Flash, are used to create 2D images for animated films. A more advanced form is 3D animation, which is created with the help of professional graphic designers. By using certain functions, they add a 3D effect to 2D images and environments, making them look like real life objects and situations.

While computerized image generation is highly effective, it requires a lot of investment. This is because the computers used for this kind of work are not usual machines. They are advanced systems, like render farms, which need a lot of money and well as space. Today, you can simply hire render farm services. This means that you can hire a render farm company in order to be able to use their computers through an established network. You simply need to pay for the services being provided and can use the computers without actually being near them physically.

Foxrender farm is one such company. It provides rendering services at very low rates and is a reliable source for professional graphic designers.

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