Thursday, 31 January 2013

Online Rendering Service: Boon for CG Fraternity

Today, computer graphics and cinema has become something inseparable. Almost all the recent days movies has Computer Graphics (CG) in small scale or in large. In fact, it has become a prime reason for making the movie more realistic, and taking the film to next level altogether.

It is very certain to say the introduction, development and implication of CG has made a big impact on film industry and many other entertainment industries. And it also had significant role on other non-entertainment industries as well. With growing popularity and significance, it has become very difficult many industries without the service of CG and Animation Industry.

If you have been closely observing the development of CG with respect to cinema industry, you would have seen dramatic rise in the use of CG since past two decades. There were times when producing CG oriented movie taking long time such as more than a year or two. But today things are lot as before. Today, those movies involving high volume of Computer Graphics has been finished in lesser time comparatively and the task of making CG has become much simpler.

Introduction CG software plays a crucial role in the development of CG and animation industry and it cannot be denied. Along with CG software, render farm too plays a significant role in the development of CG industry.

Render farm is nothing but a computer, but with high potentiality. It can easily perform the complex tasks which are too hard to process by the usual stand- alone computer.

Render farm combines the power of several or multiple computers as they are constructed by assembling multiple computers. They constitute multiple processor, memory devices and other hardware.

Task or CG rendering converting the computer image into an actual scene file is very complex with regard to computing. Ordinary computer with limited processors and memory are not able to perform such rendering task. Henceforth, in those days when render farms were not found, it took very long time to make CG in the movies.

But today, with render farm, the time of rendering CG has been into half than before. CG artists are able to finish the rendering projects much easier and hence CG studios are able to increase their productivity in big percentage.

Render farms are software-specific which means there is render farm for every particular kind of CG software or rendering engine. For example, Vray render farm is a render farm type which used for CG rendering done through Vray rendering engine. Likewise, there are different types of render farm used for specific purpose.

These days, online rendering service provides great relief for CG artists and CG studios that has tough time in paying for physical render farm. Online render farm service is almost like using email service through Internet. You just use your Internet connected computer to use the online render farm and pay for what you have used. Online render farm is very cost effective and very affordable.

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