Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Render Farms And Cloud Rendering For CG Studios

If you own and run a computer graphics studio, you might wonder as to what are the benefits of cloud render services. Cloud rendering refers to generation of clouds based on computers. This could be very beneficial for CG studios. Before you begin to appreciate its usefulness, you should first make yourself familiar with the important aspects of the process. You definitely need to know about traditional render farms. These are super high performance computers which comprise of several computer systems linked to one another. Linking these computers implies that their functionality is combined resulting in a high output. Also, the memories of all the systems gel together to create a computer which is extremely powerful, has a spectacular capacity and a high memory.

Render farms are used in generating high quality images, which could be required to perform complex tasks such as generating images for a 3D movie. Since the resulting computer is extremely advanced, it can create the perfect images without much manual intervention. CG studios tend to opt for render farms for generating graphics because of this efficiency. A traditional render farm is very useful. But, it has got its own limitations. It is a very large system which requires extensive space and maintenance requirements. This could prove to be very expensive and hence a problem for smaller companies.

A cloud rendering service is a virtual system which provides the functionality of high performance computing which a traditional render farm also provides. On top of this, it does not possess any limitations which a traditional render farm has got. It is very easy to use for any CG studio. All that is required is to connect your computer to a remote service through the internet. You could start using the cloud without purchasing any additional hardware.

A Cloud Render service is very inexpensive. Consequently, it could generate high profits for CG studios. This is naturally because expenses are minimized without a compromise on any essential features. The same set of services is available for lesser prices. This means that a client can focus solely on generating the image without worrying about the intricacies of computing and hence can perform optimally.

Here are a few features you should consider while looking for a reputable render farm company. You should ensure that all the essential services are continuously available. Uninterrupted provision could guarantee that you are opting for the correct company. It could also be a major benefit since it can speed up your project. Another major feature which you should look for is an effective notification system. In an image creation project, it is important to ensure that each step is successfully completed before proceeding to the next. You must ensure that the render farm system is capable of sending some form of e-mail alerts when a chunk of a project is completed. This would assure you that you are on the right track.
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