Monday, 7 January 2013

Reason Behind Every Successful CG & Animation Rendering

There are lots of talks about Computer Graphics & Animation these days. You could see many colleges and private institutions offering courses on Computer Graphics & Animation. You could also see many CG studio springing up here and there to offer CG and animation service for film/television production companies.

It is widely believed by many commoners that there is big money making opportunity with CG industry and this is true and experts also agree with this. Many people have made big money by being part of CG industry. For example, CG artist are earning more money by working with CG studios and with Hollywood directors. The demand for CG artist has been increasing with time as many industries have started using CG works.

It is irony to say that only film industry utilizes the service of CG industry extensively. Although it is true that film has been using CG most, there are other sectors that is heavily relying the works of CG and animation. Real estate is one of the greatest sectors that have been vitally using CG. If you have gone through advertisements of Real Estate Company or some brochure, you can see the prospective building are pictured colorfully and realistic. They are created using CG and it give the potential customers a better view of the prospective building. When CG rendering was not introduced, architectural rendering was made manual using hand-sketch which was not only time consuming but also not very effective. But CG rendering is more realistic and it gives the architect to envision imagination effectively.

In addition to real estate sectors, some of the other sectors that use CG are gaming, television, Internet and advertising. The constant rise in demand for CG works increased the career opportunity for CG artist and good business opportunity for CG studio owners.

Becoming a successful CG artist or becoming a successful CG studio owners depends on the quality and quantity of the output. Some of them are good at delivering good quality output but lacks productivity, while some of those who are good at productivity lacks quality.

In order to enhance the quality and quantity of CG rendering, using render farm is very important. Render farm, a sort of super performance computer, has potentiality to accommodate and process the complex CG rendering process. Render farm usually contains processors, memory disks, render server, connection cables and other hardware.

Render farm software acts as interface between users action and render farm hardware. Therefore, for proper utilization of render farm, it is necessary to have better render farm software installed in the system. There are multiple render farm software and CG artist or Studio shall select a one according to their need and budget.
In order to render CG with more quality and quantity, render farm is very important.

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