Monday, 19 November 2012

Reasons For The Growth of CG Industry

Computer Graphics (CG) & Animation industry has grown tremendously in a very short span of time. Initially, CG industry served mainly for films and the utilization of CG in cinemas was too less when compared to these days. But today, CG is utilized by cinema industry by huge percentage and hence the demands for CG artists are also increasing with days.

Besides cinema industry, CG industry also serves other industry such as real estate industry, advertising industry, gaming industry, television industry, etc. Therefore, CG industry plays significant role in different industries.

The growth of CG industry is attributed to different reason. Introduction CG software is one of the prime reasons for the growth of CG industry. CG software helped the CG artist to create and develop Computer Graphics must faster than before. In those days, CG artist relied on manual means to develop the animations and graphics. It took lot of time and effort to develop for CG artist to create necessary effects through manual means. But CG software allowed the CG artist to create special effects and animations very quick than ever. These software helped to reduce the product cost and reduce the turnaround time. Therefore, software helped the film makers to have graphics and special effects at less cost and at less time.

Today, there are much CG software in the market, used by different CG artist. Each software has some specialties that it allows the CG artist to simplify certain task. For example, cinema 4d is Computer Graphics software which is often used for creating dynamic graphics quick and fast. Maya is CG software which is very ideal for creating special effects in cinemas. Likewise, each type of software is used for specific areas in creating Computer Graphics.

Another important reason which is marked the development of CG industry is the introduction of render farm. It is actually a high-performance computer that constructed inter-connecting various high-configured individual computers. As render farm combines the strength of several computers, it is able to computer extremely big and complex computing process very fast. This is why render farm is able to render computer graphics very fast. These days, almost all individual CG artist and CG studios utilizes render farm for rendering the computer graphics.

If you are CG artist or CG studio owner, you will always look to have an extra ordinary render farm. However, sometimes, cost factor could affect your idea of purchasing the high-quality render farm. If you are looking to use render farm without investing much money and time, you shall just think about choosing online render farm service. Thats because online render farm price is much lesser than using the traditional render farm. Like physical render farm, you will also find various online render farm such as cinema 4d render farm, maya render farm, 3ds Max render farm, etc.

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