Sunday, 18 November 2012

Becoming A Computer Graphic Artist

If you wish to have an entertaining, challenging and well-paid career, then you shall think of becoming a Computer Graphic (CG) artist.

Computer Graphic and Animation Industry has become and becoming more flourishing industry since last decades. Thats because many industries are relying on CG industry. For example film industry has been relying heavily on CG industry for have CG works on the movies. In those days, the usage of CG in movies was very less, but today, almost all the movies are having CG for some purpose. And many CG artists are working round the clock with film directors to develop computer graphics. Moreover, the demand for CG artist is simply rising as there are many industries constantly seeking the service for CG artist for different use.

If you become a CG artist, it is sure that you would have promising career as the need for CG artist is always on raise with these days and the number is expected to grow with the days to come. So you would have chance for earning money if you become CG artist, moreover, you will remuneration will grow with experience and skills. So if you are considering CG as your career, then you shall just go ahead.

Unlike many other professional careers, high-level education qualification is not so mandatory. Whether you have a bachelor degree or not, you can become a CG artist by learning to how to develop images, pictures and how to use and handle the Computer Graphic Software. Most of the experienced CG artist says knowing how to draw using hands is better to become a CG artist, but at same time they also say that it is not mandatory.

Nowadays, there are many institutes where you can enroll yourself for a CG course and you will almost become a professional CG artist upon finishing the course successfully. Remember becoming a professional CG artist is possible only with experience so you have to work little bit hard to become a professional and just finishing a CG course alone wont brand you as a professional.

After finishing the course, you can install any of the CG software such as Blender, Maya, 3Ds Max, and start practicing render Computer Graphics to develop your skill as a CG artist. You shall use rendering engine along with such CG software for better rendering.

You shall also think about having a own render farm so that you can render the CG very quick and easily. However, owning a physical render farm is very expensive and hence you find it too difficult to afford. In such cases, you shall just hire online render farm services so that you shall hire render farm service for a price. There are different sorts of online render farm service provided such as blender render farm, 3ds max render farm, vray render farm, etc. You shall choose a kind of render farm depending on the software you use.

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