Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to Select the Best Remote Render Service

Numerous remote render services are out there all over the web, however finding the unmatched remote render service is a real challenge. Gone is the era when animators were rendering their projects on regular computers. Remote Render Service is the trend today.
When it comes to selecting a cloud render service, it may be a stressful task as all the existing companies claim the professionalism and uniqueness, however it is not the true. Some of those companies are reliable and have a leading position in rendering 3Ds scenes, while others are just beginners and do not have the sufficient expertise or the tools to give quality outputs. BTW, one of the leading companies in the rendering industry is They proudly possess all the most up-to-date tools that guarantee rendering your projects effectively and efficiently. The good news, this marvelous and unmatched rendering service is at affordable prices. In this way, left all its rivals miles behind and currently stands out in the crowd powerfully. Let`s reveal some more information about Remote Render Services
Who use Remote Render Services?
Animators, graphic designers and CG studio owners will get enormous benefits when rendering their productions on Foxrenderfarm. Some people have a myth, they consider getting and setting up a render farm is the best solution to render any animated scene. Let`s face it! How much does it cost you to get a robust computer like render farm? Of course, it is a huge amount of money, plus the installation and regular maintenance costs. Do you have a strong budget? I think even those who have deep budgets need to save some money to give better production instead of spending money on fixed asset like render farm. So, why do you bear these high expensive costs? Just concentrate on your project and add as many details as you like and leave the render task to if you would like to have superior quality scenes like in  Avengers, Spiders, Harry Porter, Cars and so many other movies that have benefited from the remote rendering service. Indeed, the Foxrenderfarm cloud render service proudly brought many outstanding projects to life.
What is the main factor you should consider when choosing a remote render service?
Remote render services have been around some years ago, however they are still have a big challenge; it is the data security challenge. No doubt, designers need to assure that all their data including images, texts, plug-ins, and textures and so on are highly secured. Foxrenderfarm is a trustworthy company. It offers exceptional remote render service and highly protects all the uploaded information.
What are the Measures of security any online rendering service?
When knocking the door at any cloud rendering service, make sure that the system can offer all the coming measures of security:
·         all your personal information, objects, pictures, images, textures, plug-ins, scripts, and so on are secured and will never be disclosed to a third party
·         Normally, you will delete all your files after rendering, but whenever you forget to remove them the selected system should ensure removing them automatically at interval basis
·         After rendering your project, the output images are safe and secured; make sure they will never be disclosed to other parties
·         Even the contact details like messages, emails, Skype ID and etc will be removed automatically after you get your work done

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