Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fox Render Farm is a leading cloud render service

Fox Render Farm offers an outstanding and amazing cloud render service. Of course, this unrivaled success does not come from vain. The 2000 servers and the round clock cloud render service are some of the secrets behind the Fox Render Farm hype.
Fox Renderfarm is based on the cloud-computing technology .And since 2010; Fox Renderfarm consistently provides thousands of CG production companies with an ultimate performance at competitive rates without a hitch.
Reasons for Choosing a Cloud Render service
Absolutely, rendering 3D scenes needs special computing resources. It is a complex and robust process that requires extra ordinary computer that can handle every tiny detail at ease. With huge computer like Render farm you can render all your complex 3Ds scenes efficiently. However, Render farm has complex wiring connections and generally is big in structure. Additional to the spacious space the Render farm needs, you will need to hire a technician to regularly maintain it. In short, to get and install render farm you need to have a strong budget. Here, the importance of choosing a remote render service comes.
Why Fox Render farm is the best choice
Generally, for all animators, graphic designers and CG studios, choosing a cloud render service is the perfect solution to have smooth and efficient render at affordable prices. Fox Render farm is one of the most cutting-to-edge companies. It enjoys all the capabilities and facilities to offer unmatched remote rendering service worldwide. Fox Render farm is capable of rendering both Ultra HD and HD animations. Whether you are using Maya or 3ds Max, you can render your projects easily and quickly. Moreover, they do support several apps including, but not limited to, V-Ray and Mental Ray. All you need is to submit files online and get real-time preview. Sounds great, right? Of course, it is. Do not miss it out, and try it now.
10 Cool Features of Fox Render Farm as Unrivaled Cloud Render Service 
•    The system is capable of realizing not only the 3D software but also the versions of render engine
•    The system can discover lost cache files and textures
•    Adjusting the cache files automatically
•    The capability of exploring all the setting of scene files
•    Some scene files may need certain plug-in; Fox Render Farm system will take this responsibility
•    No time wasting in calculating the cost or render time, they do have Auto-calculate feature
•    Once the render time finishes, you will receive real-time notification by emails
•    There several methods for uploading your projects
Data Security at Fox Render Farm
As a world-class render farm, Fox Renderfarm extremely secures your data and never, ever reveals any of your data to third parties. Since 2010, Fox Render Farm is gaining in more popularity and more trust not only for the outstanding remote render service, but also for the highly secured data. Fox Render Farm can take your business to the next level, do not take the word for it and try it now.

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