Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Stepwise Preliminary Guide on Making a CG Bedroom

An architectural modeling where a multimedia specialist needs to create the interiors of a bedroom using the software 3DMax can appear challenging for a novice. A stepwise approach must be taken for the most photo realistic bedroom scene. Here are the necessary tips.
·        Step One:
During this step you need to specify the dimension of the bedroom. You can go to the option ‘Customize’ in your 3D Max software and browse through subheads that read ‘Display Unit Scale’, ‘Metric’, ‘Custom’ and ‘Generic Units’. Decide your chosen parameters and make the inputs accordingly.
·        Step Two:
At this stage, you need to concentrate upon the ‘Top Viewport’ of your software. Draw a rectangle there and convert it to ‘Editable Spline’. You can do this by right clicking on the rectangle and choosing the option ‘Convert to’. When the rectangle gets converted into an editable spline, you need to select all the four splines by clicking on the ‘Modifier’ option.  Type in your preferred metrics in the space provided besides the option ‘Outline’ under ‘Spline’.  Now extrude the rectangle into a polygon.
·        Step Three:
Create one more box inside the extruded polygon as the ceiling. This box will be almost similar in dimension as that of the polygon. Now copy and paste it, and drag it down from the ‘Perspective Viewport’ to make the floor.
·        Step Four:
Go to ‘Side Viewport’ and draw a rectangle on the polygon. This will be the window. But remember to make its width thinner than the walls. Convert the rectangle into ‘Editable Spline’, select it and delete it. You can add further detailing to make windowpanes and sunshades.  Similarly, you can add details to the walls too at this stage.
·        Step Five:
Now you need to concentrate on the interiors. Develop the bed by drawing two rectangles, one will be the base and the other will be the headpiece. The dimensions will be set accordingly. 
·        Step Six:
Draw another chamfered box over the rectangle you have drawn as the base of the bed. Since this will be the mattress, make it narrower. In order to make it look like a real mattress, go to the ‘Modifier Panel’, choose ‘Garment Maker’ and set the right parameters.
·        Step Seven:
Now initiate the simulation by selecting ‘Simulate Locale’ under ‘Cloth’ modifier. Stop the simulation by repeating the same process once more.  Render the scene once to see the outcome. You can hire rendering service from providers like Fox Renderfarm for hastening the process.
·        Step Eight:
You need to set the ‘Turbosmooth’ modifier now and render the scene again for image preview before adding other objects inside the interiors.

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