Monday, 7 October 2013


Recently progresses in technology lead to a decrease in computational times. Now rendering market has gleaned from these improvements as well as established a larger consumer base. The advantages have also trickled down to costumers through a more affordable product. Interior designers are among those new customers who are growing the rendering market and have already seen the benefits of the advances in the technology.
 Developments to the visualization of designs using renders as well as also video to support designers for communicating their ideas better and to avoid expensive mistakes with clients, strata and counsel approval. With the help of the 3D rendering companies, now designers have been able to alter and perfect color schemes and design elements. Both of these techniques are now in their creative processes and they are now able to work with client’s wish. 3D rendering technology gives the interior designers an opportunity to experiment with risky ideas and test out what the new color in the home and the kitchen might be look at different times of day. By applying the state of the art technology, all these visualizations are now so much realistic.

Suppose, a designer is working with a couple which is remodeling their kitchen. They are not sure that whether they spend extra money on the granite countertop, as a result they are holding up their decision making process. On the other side, builders have been scheduled and ordering granite which would take time and need to be rushed therefore. Now, if the couple would change their decision, it would be a great mistake for them. With the help of 3D rendering technology, some studios are now able to create several image variations of the kitchen with or without granite countertop which will take 72 hours. So that the interior designer able to show the benefits of the granite to the clients. Then the clients can see the benefits of the granite that if it would really make a difference in the kitchen. Through such a fast turnaround of images from a 3D rendering farm, the project may able to move along faster and speed up the delay.

Ability to see the images of the projects through such alterations can also support the designers for visualizing their own projects. As the interior designers see the granite countertop switched out for tile perhaps, a larger faucet might complement the granite better than the previous chosen one. The designer could try something risky like as build color. But they are now having the courage to try this color because the 3D images are now so realistic. The clients are now sign off faster for saving valuable and costly time. The projects move along smoother with some costly mistake overall.

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