Thursday, 10 October 2013

Reasons behind the Trendsetting Shift of Interest in CG Industry since 2012

The multimedia industry has witnessed some trendsetting changes in the past few years. The most noticeable change that CG professionals saw in 2012 was the growing popularity of farm and cloud rendering. Eventually, a remarkable decrease in the demand for standalone local rendering processes for different multimedia projects was also witnessed.  Companies who were offering local renderingservices either changed their infrastructure to provide both local as well as cloud based rendering or lost in the competition and were closed down!
This distinctly visible trend of the multimedia industry signals at a few basics. CG experts tried to find out the reason behind this massive shift in interest from local rendering to farm rendering services offered by many companies.
Their research presented these concrete reasons that are at play behind this new interest towards cloud based rendering.
·        Ease of handling heavy workload
Multimedia companies literally struggled to provide their completed projects within the specified deadline in situations when they were burdened with heavy work load. One of the reasons which delayed the work was the slow rendering process available with local rendering services. So, the characteristic feature of cloud rendering where a cluster of computers are connected with each other on a single LAN has been a relief for them. Now rendering is much faster than what it was earlier. Hence, adhering to deadline is not a problem irrespective of the volume of work. 
·        No hidden cost
Maintaining an individual rendering machine has become a headache for most multimedia firms today. To be honest, the small sized companies simply cannot afford of spend a huge sum in maintaining a personal rendering machine. If we look at it from an apparent level, we might find that some local rendering machines come within the affordable limit of most CG companies. But there are hidden costs in it which lead to huge drainage of money every year!
The bulky rendering machine requires huge physical space for its installation.  The companies have to make separate arrangements for air conditioning and electrical requirements.  In addition to this, investing additional money for appointing separate workforce for taking care of its security and operating the machine also becomes a pain. The core business activities of the companies get hampered in the process.
But firms who have started outsourcing their rendering requirements to the cloud rendering service providers like Fox Renderfarm are gaining! There is no additional cost involved in the process and they are paying just for the service they require.

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