Saturday, 16 February 2013

Effect Of Render Farms In CG Industry

Visual is one of the most effective forms of communication. In olden days, when language was not developed, people used visuals such as stone wall paintings, markings to communicate to other people. Today, despite of advancement in technology with regard to text message and audio technology, visual medium is considered to be crucial.

Cinema is one the most preferred visual means throughout the world. Lots of people right from small to aged, love watching cinemas. In fact, present days, cinemas are more advanced in terms of technology and other aspects.

Computer Graphics (CG) and Animation plays a significant role in present days cinemas. Nowadays, nearly all films employ CG in many forms. Usage of CG in cinemas gave new dimension to cinemas. Many fiction movies such star wars, spider man, superman were possible only because of CG. If CG was not introduced, people would not have got the chance of watching their favorite heroes in action but just in comics and books.

Although CG was implemented in the film over past three decades, it was only since recent years, the frequency was increased. It means more number of CG based films were getting released than compared to past. Why?

There are many reason behind this phenomenon, however, render farm remains one of the prime reasons for the development of CG in recent years.

Lets give some basic about render farm for those who dont know. Render farm is a sort of computer that has high potential. It combines the power of multiple computers as they are built by combining several computers. It means multiple hardware such as RAM, processors and memory is combined together form a single powerful and highly efficient computer.

So how render farm helped CG industry to grow? Before the introduction of render farm, CG artists were unable to finish the CG projects quickly as the ordinary computers were unable to process the task due to limitation in hardware. But render farm is able to complete the projects in lesser time, which helped the CG artists and studios to complete many projects in lesser time. This helped the film makers to complete their CG works in their film in less time.

Although render farms has become something very important, it also poses some limitations. It was quite expensive for many people, while it also posed many practical difficulties.

Those who want to alleviate from the render farm issues but still want to use the render farm can use remote render service. By utilizing this service, a CG artist or CG studio can use the render farm without actually buying them. It can be used via online just like using email service. It is very inexpensive and provides lots of benefits to both CG studio owners and individual artists too.

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