Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cloud Computing Vs Render Farm - Which Should Be Your Choice?

Graphics artists and multimedia specialists often get involved in a perennial debate whether cloud computing is better choice for them or render farm? This fight gets worsened when each of them present their own set of advantages. But a wiser way to know which offers better service is to look at it from the other way round. Let us have a look at each pointers that present whether cloud computing is better or render farm.
Money matters for data centers
In an age where we are working hard to bring down costs, cloud computing and render farm have their own features. It is not to be forgotten that both these options are cheaper than the traditional technologies that were used by the graphic artists. But initial cost involvement in setting them is a bit heavy on the pocket!
However, the biggest downside of cloud computing is that it involves comparatively greater money in purchasing the software and researching with it. Data centers have to go through a series of tasks like buying the software or developing it in-house, reprogramming the systems and sorting out problems that may arise any time during the project. This gets directly reflected in the form of the greater financial requirements for the entire project. With render farm, the data centers can be exempted from massive money involvement.
Render farm is thus a comparatively much cheaper alternative that never compromises with the quality of output! Moreover, the render farm subscribers can also enjoy much less financial burden as they have to pay a monthly rental only to their service provider to avail the facilities of the software.
Data loss still persists
The best thing about cloud computing and render farm is that you can be privileged with more data storage space as compared to standalone computers. But you will probably hate it when you find that there is some data loss during the process of up-gradation of your software? Thus is exactly what happens in case of cloud computing. So, cloud computing still struggles to give ultimate user satisfaction. However, we must not forget that it is still in the testing phase and things will certainly improve in days to come. Amusingly, render farm scores in this area too! You can be assured that your data will be intact throughout the process of its up-gradation.
Time taken to render
The process of rendering seems to take half the time of graphic designers and multimedia artists. This can be felt more strongly when they continue to remain loyal to the traditional software. Although cloud computing is a bit better choice in this case, it still remains inferior to render farm. Users believe that they can save on time when they depend upon this rendering service!

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