Monday, 18 February 2013

Cloud Render Service: Affordable Render Farm Solution

Technology made a great impact on entertainment industry. Today, people have lots of entertainment options that the past. Films and cinemas have become one of the predominant entertainment medium for many people, irrespective of age, country, etc. Watching movies have become favorite pastime and people loves enjoy watching movies in movie halls, televisions and even on Internet.

Increase in movie viewers is attributed by several reasons. Extra ordinary and stunning visuals and realistic graphics in the movies are also some the main reasons why people watching movie these days. Unlike movies of olden days, present day movies looks more realistic and have more realistic graphics scenes. For example, modern batman films look very natural when compared to earlier batman films. The action scenes and graphics scenes in the modern movies are very realistic and keep the viewers glued on their seat.

Role of Computer Graphics (CG) cannot be neglected when speaking about present day films. Today, majority of the films are done with Computer Graphics only and it has become a vital element. Many action based movies, sci-fi movies are done with help of computer graphics only. Making film like star wars, terminator 2, spider man, superman, Titanic was possible simply because of computer graphics only.

Although making computer graphics models are relatively easy with CG software, it is really difficult to make it as actual graphics i.e. Graphics rendering. In the process of making CG, the artist first makes the model of the character or environment which has to be converted into scene file. Here, the process of converting image file into scene while is very complex and big in terms of computing. Using ordinary computers for rendering is very time consuming. Thats because such computer has limited memory, processor which not sufficient for processing the rendering task.

However, nowadays, rendering graphics have become much simpler than past, thanks to render farm. There are many people who dont know about render farm. It is actually a computer with different structure. It is not a standalone computer but the cluster of inter connected computer. Hence each render farm has multiple processers and memory which gives enough power to computer the complex and big computing task.

In those days, having render farm was considered to be quite expensive. But today, people have good option to have render farm at a very affordable price.

cloud render service is the latest kind of render service that allows CG artist and CG studios to have render farm usage at lesser price without making huge investment. Cloud render service also called as remote render service is same like using your email. You just need an Internet to connect your workstation to the remote render farm of the service provider. You use the remote render farm whenever you need and pay only for what you use.

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